Ferrari California Spider

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Another very high pressure shoot, the car got into the state the night before the shoot and we spent the whole day shooting this 1958 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider in a local national park. It was a difficult shoot, as we didn’t have the luck of any cloud coverage and once the sun began to set, it set very quickly and we soon lost all light. My photos of the car were not only featured very heavily by the client, but also appeared on the cover of Autoweek Magazine and only many website across the internet. It then sold for $8,800,000.00, at the time, a record for a car sold in Arizona.
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Jaguar D-Type

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Tasked with shooting this multimillion-dollar car in a city foreign to me on a tight deadline and with a very specific look required by the client, it was a tall order. Fortunately, we were able to find a fantastic location just off the water in a historic dock district. Not only was I really pleased with the photos, but more importantly, so was the client and the photos were heavily featured by them.
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Russo and Steele Auction

PROJECT DESCRIPTION In addition to designing several website and graphics for Russo and Steele, I’ve also done a very substantial amount of photography for them. While I conducted many, many automotive photo shoots for them, one of my biggest contributions came in the way of covering their annual Scottsdale auction as their staff photographer. I shot the auction for them for five years and my photos have been used in just about everything they’ve put together since I shot my first auction for them.
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