Ferrari Club of America

I worked with the local chapter of the Ferrari Club of America – Desert Region for years and was actually a board member at one point. In all of those years I designed and redesigned their website, built event websites, designed event logos, posters, flyers, t-shirts and event programs, including original content. I’ve also taken promotional photos for the club as well as contributed my photography to their monthly publication and website.
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Various clients over a number of years, from designer pools in luxury homes, to auto dealerships across the state, to reclaimed lumber in and outside of homes. Some of the photos are aimed at showing the entire property where others are aimed at showing off details or materials.
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Jaguar D-Type

Tasked with shooting this multimillion-dollar car in a city foreign to me on a tight deadline and with a very specific look required by the client, it was a tall order. Fortunately, we were able to find a fantastic location just off the water in a historic dock district. Not only was I really pleased with the photos, but more importantly, so was the client and the photos were heavily featured by them.
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