Finn Hill Brewing


For this project, I was given only three things: the name of the brewery, the name of the beers and what kind of beers they were. That’s it. I wasn’t given design direction or what the owner/brewer generally like in terms of style or much direction at all. Not always a bad thing, as I love creative freedom, but there’s always a chance the client may have a completely different in their head. So, with just that I created a logo, labels and chose bottles for the beers.

I decided to go with an old world, stamped design and, rather than go into great detail about what was in the beer or what to expect in terms of taste in the descriptions on the labels, I let the labels speak for themselves. The result is a pair of labels that not only compliment each other and work together as part of a larger family, but also standalone and tell their own story. The bigger, bolder porter features large, chunky text and a more striking illustration while the saison is more understated and elegant.

Fortunately, in spite of the lack of initial guidance, the client loved the designs and they remain some of my personal favorite work.